Web Hosting – Types and Some of the Best Hosting Available

Today, We will learn What is Web Hosting, How its work?, Types of Web Hosting, and some of the best Hosting Available on internet. So lets Start the Article:

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows any organization or any person to post their website or web page on the Internet. A web host or web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services required for a website or web page displayed on the Internet.

You must understand this thing that everything in the world needs a place. Whether they come in our eyes or not. We do not see the wind but it is everywhere.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Similarly, the website that we create needs space to enter the internet. Web hosting is the place where websites are kept safe on the Internet.

I explain to you with the help of an example :

Nowadays we all have a smartphone and the smartphone contains songs, videos, images i.e. photos, documents, and more. Which we save by saving in SD card or smartphone memory.

Just like when we open a website. So on the website also we get to see all types of contents, photos, videos, songs, documents, texts, etc.

Have you ever thought that whenever the website page opens, where do all these photos and text come from? So, guys, all these contents are stored in the location online.

We call the same location as Web Hosting. A domain is simply a name from which it is globally recognized. But the web hosting website has both body and life.

Everyone related to blogging speaks it in technical language as Web Hosting.

The physical system used to do this is called Web Server. The server remains connected to the Internet at all times, then we can open the website 24 * 7 whenever you want and see its contents.

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How does Web Hosting Work?

Whenever we open a browser like Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, etc. and then go to the address bar and enter the URL or the name of a website, then the domain name in the URL is connected to the IP address.

This IP address points the domain to the server where all the contents of the website are stored.

All the contents of the website are loaded and open in the browser and we can see the website. So in this way, the website opens and we take the information that we have to take from our website.

Types of Web Hosting?

You have come to know what web hosting is, now know that it is of this type. There are many types of web hosting, such as shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. know about them one by one. which are given below:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

The way we stay in a hostel or a lodge, then there are more boys in it and together with them, all of them live in sharing by giving equal rent.

In the same way in Shared web hosting, many websites are stored and stored on the same web server.

Shared Web Hosting

This type of service is good for beginners. Because they will not get much traffic in the beginning and will not have any problem. Here the problem comes when the website becomes popular and the traffic in it increases a lot.

Now what will happen is that as the traffic increases, the load of the server will increase and its speed will not be sufficient according to the traffic. So that the website will work at slow speed and will take a lot of time to load the page.

Apart from this, other websites that are together will also start working at a slow pace. We understand this by example, we use a lot of apps on our smartphones.

These are of different sizes when we use them by minimizing them together and also open a game together. Now by keeping it minimized, you will see that your smartphone will now work very slowly.

This happened because, like High traffic websites, games also use more space on our phone and RAM. That is why the entire phone becomes slow and at the same time, other apps also start running slowly.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

  • This web hosting is very cheap, so if you are starting a new business, then this web hosting is best for you.

Shared Web Hosting cons

  • Shared web hosting does not handle high traffic. And if your website becomes popular then the landing speed of your website slows down.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Just like a building has lots of room. If one of those rooms is yours, then the owner of that room will not be entitled to anyone else.

No one can stay in your room. This is how VPS hosting occurs. In which the server is divided into different parts. The part that you have which has your website or blog, no other website can come in that part. This means your server is private. You do not need to share your server with anyone.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • This hosting is secure.
  • It gives good performance to your website.
  • Shared hosting can handle more traffic.

Cons of Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • Shared hosting is slightly costlier.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting comes with a dedicated server. Simply put, it is a server dedicated to your business. This type of arrangement assures maximum reliability and performance with minimal downtime (although at a higher cost than shared hosting).

A dedicated hosting system gives you complete control over how you can manage and improve your website, allowing the installation of many software, antivirus systems, and even different operating systems.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated hosting

  • Ability to install the type of heavy software required for online gaming websites and large eCommerce operations.
  • Super-fast load time, even for application-heavy pages.
  • Secure storage options for websites that capture users’ personal information (such as email addresses, credit card details, or any other information that is at risk of identity theft).
  • Better performance rate when handling high traffic (for example, when your latest blog post hits big).
  • Flexibility to add more servers and storage space without affecting the current server or causing downtime.

Cons of Dedicated Hosting

  • It is very expensive.

Cloud Web Hosting

It is a method in which customized online virtual servers can be created, modified, and removed based on the customer’s requirements. Cloud hosting is used to store website hosts, emails, and to distribute web-based services. Cloud servers are virtual machines hosted on physical servers that are configured with the OS and other software of the client’s requirements after allocating resources to CPU, memory, storage, etc.

When you host your website on the cloud, then the website uses virtual resources of the servers cluster for its requirement.

Cloud WebHosting

With the help of cloud hosting, the website’s peak load (without any bandwidth issue) can be managed conveniently because in this case, the other server of the cluster can offer additional resources to that server.

In this way, the website does not have to rely on the resources of a single server because many servers share their resources while working in the cluster.

Thus, cloud hosting is the base technology on cloud computing in which storage, network, servers, and application services are provided to business users or clients with the help of the internet.

Benefits of Cloud hosting

There is little chance of getting a server here, as everything is available in the cloud.
It can easily handle a lot of traffic on the website here.

Cons of Cloud Hosting

  • Root Access facility is not available here.
  • Compared to the rest, this hosting is a bit expensive.
  • Best Web Hosting in 2020

List of Some Best Hosting Avialable

In Best Web Hosting in 2020, I am only listing the hosting that I am using myself, or have used before, or the hosting that my friends use.


MilesWeb was started in 2012, which is known for its quality web hosting services. And It has the biggest reputation, unlimited sources of wool. MilesWeb provides you unlimited web hosting, which will be best for you.

Another big feature of MilesWeb is the quality support staff. Your issues are always understood well, you are assisted well. One more thing, you always get quality server infrastructure in MilesWeb.

MilesWeb’s 3 biggest features:

24/7/365 Days Support: MilesWeb technicians are always available to solve any of your technical issues. You are always surety that your issues will be solved.

99.95% Website Up-time: MilesWeb has always given priority to customers of wool. Your website always gets good uptime here, which is very good (99.95%). Data centers of wool are also well-structured so that you always get better website uptime.

30 Days Money Back: MilesWeb has given you such good flexibility that you can use 30 days money back.

Reasonable pricing and quality technical support is the biggest feature of MilesWeb. MilesWeb is the highest rated web hosting company, and you must try it.

MR Cloud Hosting

I first created my blog on Blogspot.com, which is completely free and does not even have to pay to hosting, but after 1 month I transferred my blog from Blogspot to WordPress.

I chose MR Cloud Hosting after a lot of effort because I could not understand which hosting I would use so that the performance of my blog and my budget would not be a problem.

But when I started using MR Cloud Hosting, my site started ranking in Google, and new posts started indexing in 40 hours instead of 40 days.

Since then, I felt that the hard work that I had put in finding the hosting for 1 month did not go in vain, MR Cloud Hosting may be cheap but can compete with expensive hosting.

On MR Cloud Hosting you will get hosting for ₹ 110 / Month, if you want to get a one-year plan, then you will get a one-year plan for ₹ 1100 and a domain for one year for free.


You must have heard the name of Hostgator, as soon as you think about the blog, Hostgator’s ads will start appearing on your device, if you talk about Hostgator hosting, then you can get hosting for Rs 220 per month.

You will also get a domain for free on Hostgator, even if you have already hosted your site, you can still migrate your site to Hostgator for free.

On Hostgator you will get Shared, Cloud, VPS Hosting, after Mr. Cloud I will recommend you to use Hostgator Hosting itself.


On Bluehost Hosting, you will get hosting for $ 3.5 per month, like Hostgator, you can transfer your domain to Bluehost for free and from other hosting to Bluehost for free.

If you have created your website on WordPress then you must have seen, WordPress promotes Bluehost itself, because the speed of Bluehost is excellent, and many pro blogs are hosted on Bluehost.


If your budget is 500 rupees a month, then you must buy the hosting of SiteGround. SiteGround is also a good hosting. Many professional blogs were hosted on SiteGround and still host.

If you want the blog to rank fast on Google, then SiteGround Hosting must try once, for this I highly recommend you.

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting

If your blog has good content, and you are writing an SEO Friendly article every day but traffic is not coming on the blog, then you must think about Cloud Hosting once.

Cloud hosting is mainly for Digital Hosting, Digital Ocean, AWS (Amazon Web Server), Google Cloud, Ali Baba, etc.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been around for a long time, and they have managed to stay longer by focusing on what they do best: the fastest web host.

With a built-in caching tool called A7x Optimized Tool, sites hosted on the A7NX hosting load much faster than most web hosts. Also, you have no technical knowledge or no-host configuration to enable it. With features and technology such as SSD storage, Railgun Optimizer, and pre-configured caching to their shared hosting customers, they continue to raise the standard for shared hosting speeds.

If speed is important to you, then A2 Hosting is worth checking out.


Established in 2004, Hostinger is a budget hosting company that operates in many data centers worldwide.

  • Single Share: $ 0.99 / mo
  • Premium shared: $ 2.89 / mo
  • Business shared: $ 3.99 / mo

Key Features: Free domain, newbies-friendly site builder, cheap .xyz domain, cheapest shared hosting plan.

Despite being a budget hosting company, Hostinger has 8 data centers worldwide, with Singapore being their latest addition. They are also localized in 39 countries and are fully ICANN certified registrars.

Since its inception, Hostinger has grown into a well-known hosting company that boasts 29 million users in 2017 with an average of 20,000 new user signups.

Key to their success? Offering a ton of premium hosting features for its users at a competitively low price (one of the cheapest in the market, see table).

Hostinger is worth a check if you want as many hosting features as possible without blowing your budget.


Dear customer, I hope you have liked this article, the purpose of writing this post is that when you create your website for the first time, then host it on a good server.

If you host the site on a bad hosting, then along with your time, your site is also bad and does not even feel like working.

That’s why I wrote this post. This is the first time you can host your site on a good server and reach it quickly.

Best Web Hosting in 2020 – If you want to build a website and are looking for good hosting, then in this post I will tell you about the top hosting, which despite being very affordable, provides very good service.

If you want to create your blog or website, then definitely read these posts, so that you do not accidentally buy the wrong hosting for your website.

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