How User Generated Content Can Fuel Your Content Marketing

Today we are going to talk about How User Generated Content can advance your content marketing campaign. Stay with us till the end and know all about user-generated content.

What Is User Generated Content?

UGC, short for user-created content, is any media content created by users to mention or refer to your brand and in a public area by sharing on websites, social media platforms, blogging sites, review or rating sites, etc. Is posted.

User Generated Content
User Generated Content

It is simply any content created by people who are not executives of your brand, sharing their brand experiences with their family, friends, and followers. Content can be anything, including written content, blog entries, forum posts, pictures or GIFs, videos, or recordings such as scenes or scenes.

Benefits of User Generated Content

Benefits of User Generated Content

  • This is completely unique – No other company has the same content as customers make it themselves.
  • This indicates openness to the community – Customers like to interact with their favorite brands, so this gives them a chance to communicate with you.
  • You often don’t have to pay for it (or it’s cheap) – Users send in the necessary media. Usually, there is some overhead, but you have to leave the pricing marketing budget.
  • It is trustworthy – Customers have a tendency to believe what other people say.
  • You add social evidence – Customer submitted content not only indicates that you have customers, but that customers are willing to take time to create content.
  • Your customers are stars – From artwork with products to iPhone photos, it’s for customers who are fun.

Why is user-created content important for your marketing?

UGC rules the marketing world. The reason is that it taps into the customer’s unwilling desire to be recognized and accepted. An external recognition or a word of appreciation for your brand, and that too by your core customers, adds value to the trust and affinity for users in your brand.

This encourages them to share content related to their brand with their family and friends through social media platforms (and this uniquely benefits your brand).

93% of users find UGC beneficial when making a purchase decision while 86% of millennials find UGC as a key gauge of a great quality of the brand (brand source).

UGC is not a complete replacement for any marketing strategy but is a secret sauce that enhances the effectiveness of your entire marketing arsenal.

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Let’s take a look at some of those reasons.

Having said that, there are many more benefits that answer the above question – Why the User generated content?

Let's take a look at some of those reasons.


User-created content is the ambassador for fairness. This fairness comes from the fact that UGC is created by genuine and genuine users of your brand. They are not endorsing your brand because they are being paid to do so but only because they are really satisfied with your brand’s products and services.

60% of consumers say that UGC is the most authentic form of content (source).

So, when you include user-generated customer reviews on your website or display them as your digital signage, you present the authenticity of your brand and its social acceptance among your user base. Huh. Therefore, overall user confidence in your brand is increased.


User-created content is inherently attractive. The main source of user-generated content is social media. We all know how addictive social media is. It is one of the most commonly used tricks to increase user engagement.

Based on Meltwater studies, UGC has a 73% higher CTR (source).

So, when you display user-generated social media content to your audience, either through your website or through social walls in events and digital signage, your users automatically intrigue it and add their hashtags. Are encouraged to post on social media using a part of your social wall display.

The Cisco employee hashtag campaign was a great example of an effective social wall. It made extensive use of a theme integrated with a world map and drew together tweets from around the world demonstrating good engagement.

Example:- Taggbox is an amazing social wall vendor that displays user-generated content collected from multiple social media platforms and helps you to engage viewers on your events or on your websites. This is a great way to encourage user engagement and engagement with your brand, thereby improving the overall ROI of your marketing campaign. You get the superpower to spread word-of-mouth marketing beyond your target circle.


User Generated Content is the major driver of conversion for your business. The UGC presents social evidence, thus building user trust, and convincing them to make the final purchase. This helps you to ultimately convert the percentage of website visitors and event-audiences into customers.

Comparison of conversions with UGC vs. UGC.

UGC helped to increase conversions across industries by 161%. This is such a big impact! Tell friend

Running UGC contests is the most tried and tested method of driving conversions for your brand. This opens a floodgate of user engagement for your brand.

The #MyCalvins campaign connects celebrities with niche consumers like us. While viewing the image galleries on the website, visitors can see the consumers who have submitted photos. Visitors can then click on the image to make a purchase.

Another great way to improve your conversion rate is to have user-generated social media content embedded at the point of sale that also works together as a point of inspiration. Thus, your conversion rate has improved a lot.

Community Building

User-created content is a great way to build a strong and loyal community around your brand. This community not only helps you grow but also advocates for your brand to be your loyal customer.

The UGC campaign serves as a great platform for your community-building practice. It helps you build deeper relationships with your customers.

UGC Campaign = Great way to build a strong community around a brand (source).

UGC is like unwanted content that comes directly from your customers. Your users value the positive UGC displayed on your website or your event or as your digital signage. This helps build user confidence in your brand. This trust, in turn, binds your customers as a community to your brand, thus making them a long-term customer of your brand.

SEO Perk

88% of customers rely on user-created reviews as much as they trust the recommendations of their family and friends.

Now just imagine the impact that embedding social media feeds on a website (created by your users) will have on your conversion rate, accommodation-time, website relevance, and an overall ranking of your e-commerce website.

Studies show that organic traffic page visits have increased in 9 months by adding customer reviews to website pages.

User-created content has the potential to serve its customers with social proof at every stage of their purchase journey.At the same time, it gives marketers an amazing opportunity to drive potential traffic to your website.

It helps you improve your ranking in the search list on Google. Basically, the report shows that those websites have included user reviews as part of their website content, which increased their search engine rankings. It is not good enough?

Brand Awareness

User-created content triggers a chain reaction, where when a user posts something about your brand on social media and then other users also start posting similar content about your brand. This user-generated content is available to many social circles of your loyal customers, thereby spreading brand awareness.

The share-in-coke campaign is a great example of a highly successful user-generated campaign to increase brand awareness. The campaign allows people to personalize coke cans.

User-created social media content is one of the most popular and preferred tricks of marketers to exploit the huge reach of social media to spread a word of mouth marketing for your brand and relevant information about it.

84% of millennial’s and 70% of baby boomers agree on the fact that user-created content has at least some influence on their purchasing decisions.

User Generated Content can influence buying decisions – 84% of millennial’s and 70% of baby boomers. Tell friend

Saves Resources

User-created content is a gold mine of information and data that is often underestimated. And if we consider social media as a source of user-generated content, then it is like an infinity pool. You can dive deep and it will never fail to serve you with new and unseen ingredients.

Therefore, it saves you a lot of time, money, and effort, which can be efficiently invested elsewhere to make your marketing campaign more robust.

Instead of deactivating content on social media, you can take advantage of user-generated content in your email marketing campaign. For example, Foot Locker regularly emailed images of customer posts to increase conversions.

Also, incorporating user-generated content into your marketing strategy, such as email marketing, saves you from the daunting task of constantly creating new content. This frees up your resources to use to achieve other marketing goals.

Furthermore, once you have successfully started a UGC hashtag campaign on social media, you basically set a consistent source for new and fresh content for your marketing purpose, that too, user-created content, The best form of advertising material.

Now all you need to do is to aggregate and moderate user-generated content.

Gain Audience Insights

User-created content is like direct feedback from your audience and users. Nothing can compare to user-generated content to improve your marketing strategy. Now, this viewer/user insight can come in various forms and types.

Be it customer reviews, comments, pictures, videos, tweets, or any other form of social media post.

This audience insight can be both positive and negative. Positive feedback is always desired but negative feedback is equally important. You can always show your positive feedback and learn to correct your shortcomings with negative feedback. This way user-generated content helps you gain audience insights that can help you improve your marketing campaign, thus making it more robust.

Why is UGC so successful?

Customer-oriented businesses are growing as companies constantly have to keep up with the changing trends of their audiences. In this fast-paced, digitally-paced world, attention span can be overcome with the click of a finger. If brands are not listening fully to their customers, then their customers will simply find another brand.

Online users are becoming increasingly prudent in identifying companies that use fast and unethical marketing tactics, and which are becoming transparent and legitimate.

Authenticity is very important in today’s online world. Customers are no longer passive consumers led by TV commercials and billboards. Instead, they are active selectors and have a say in who they do and what they don’t buy. But how do they choose whom to buy? They opt for brands that have similar values, brands that they can connect on a personal level, and brands that “get them”.

In a way, marketers are getting closer to organic reach through customer advocacy. By relying on customers and their followers, the band hit the house more effectively with marketing efforts. One of the best ways to advance customer advocacy is user-generated content.

Turning your customers into advocates through user-created content can seem like a challenge but taking measured steps can get you in the right direction. Follow these five steps to get started:

Five steps to start:

Step 1: Choose the most effective social network for your campaign

It is very important not to know where your audience lives socially, but where your potential advocates can have the greatest impact. You don’t want to jump directly to Instagram because it’s easy to share views with your customers.

Step 2: Set specific User Generated Content targets

Just like any other content strategy, your user-generated content plan should have specific goals and guidelines to do its best.

According to SEMrush, 86% of businesses have tried user-generated content. User-generated content sometimes enhances interaction, increases engagement, and builds trust. But if used incorrectly, this content needs to be packing and leaving your followers.

Step 3: Tell your audience what content you want?

If you are not asking your audience to participate with user-created content, how else would they know? Make it clear and specific about what type of content you are looking for and what best aligns with your brand.

Whether you are asking for images or customers’ views, your advocates need proper guidance. Without a clear target and ask your audience, you can confuse users or get a ton of inaccurate content.

Step 4: Focus on community aspect and collaboration

The best thing about user-generated content is that it usually sparks engagement. This means that you will need to emphasize building your community. As a community manager, you need to create a personality for the brand and connect customers and advocates.

Don’t ask without asking

It should be said without saying, but yet often, brands feel that they can only take pictures from a site and give credit to the photographer or influence without compromise. this is wrong.

Always make sure that you are in agreement with users before sharing your content. As this is a viral story, it is not fair for people to work hard and pay first or use it without consent on something.

Step 5: Analyze and measure your generated content efforts

We have already said this, but let’s bring it home. If you want your user-generated content strategy to work, then you have to measure it. No matter what you choose for goals or how you plan your attack, you need to benchmark.

UGC is becoming very beneficial for businesses looking for new opportunities to reach the common people.

Here are some additional opportunities that UGC provides:

  • Companies can use social media for branding and organize contests to present their own creations to the audience.
  • Consumers and general audience members like to engage. Some have used a story platform to share and explain with others.
  • To raise awareness, whether it is for an organization, company, or event.
  • Get perspectives from members that one would not get to engage otherwise.
  • Privatization of excluded content; 71% of consumers like personal ads.
  • E-WOM (electronic word of mouth) will spread quickly and efficiently with social media.
  • This encourages greater engagement with its users and doubles the likelihood that content will be shared.
  • It builds trust with consumers. With most consumers relying on the information the brand provides to the UGC, the UGC may allow for better brand-consumer relationships.
  • It provides SEO value for brands. This, in turn, drives more traffic to the brand’s websites and more content is linked back to the website.
  • This assures purchase decisions that will keep customers shopping. With UGC, the conversion rate increases by more than 4.6 percent.
  • This increases the number of followers on various social media platforms.

Hard as it may be to admit, you are not your own bestseller. Knowing where your customers are means prioritizing UGC at two strategic levels: social media and omeconnel marketing.

Brands that focus their efforts not on selling themselves, but on encouraging their customers to sell, may fail to build trust, credibility, and sell more in building traditional marketing methods.

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