Top Search Engine List For 2020, Highly Used

If we talk about search engines, then Google comes first in our mind.

As we all know that the most famous search engine on the Internet is Google but this does not mean that only one search engine is on the Internet.

There are many other search engines, and people also use them regularly. The search engine has become a big part of our life and we use it most of the time in our days.

Top Search Engine

It doesn’t matter if you want to see Pictures of Cute kittens, How to do SEO for beginners, or Learn How Facebook is making money — we constantly search. They use engines and they are making our lives easier. We depend on them and we need information that is immediate and updated at all times.

All businesses should be aware of various search engines as we usually focus only on Google rankings and there may be a lot of untouched opportunities for other search engines not to take into consideration.

Today we will tell you about the Top 10 Search Engine list 2020, so stay with us till the end and know the complete information about the search engine.

Before knowing the Top 10 search engines, we know what a search engine is and how does it work?

What is Search Engine?

A search engine is a special kind of software program that helps in transmitting information on the Internet to the user. Like – google, Bing, etc.

Now quickly understand this – see whenever a user goes to Google or any search engine and asks a query which we call keyword. Then what is a search engine that is a software program on the Internet which relates to the user’s query? The information about the answer will be found and display on the result page (SERP).

Top Search Engine

However, Now as you may also be seeing in the image above, I want to know what SEO is, so I typed in Google in the search box what is SEO.

Now what Google’s search engine will do, whatever web pages or blog posts will be submitted to Google, those who have written about SEO will search them and the best ones will show them according to the rankings. This is the main job of a search engine.

How Does Search Engine work?

You know what a search engine is, now you know how it works. Any Search Engine has its secret mathematical formula which we usually know by the name of the algorithm.

These are algorithms that go to a website and look at the data, index it and then do the ranking. On the search results page

Although big search engines like google and Bing provide some information about how you optimize your website so that our created algorithm can know it better and rank you, it avoids giving complete accurate information so that any wrong way of it Do not use.

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Now as far as the process of working of the search engine is concerned, then any search engine has to work in three steps –

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking


First of all the search engine work is crawling, visiting the website which has been submitted in the search engine means the website which has been submitted in google’s search console and has been approved.

Crawlers, bot, or spider of search engines are known by many names (which are automatic programs), they collect data of all those submitted websites.

Now, these crawlers are what they see on any website –

  • Page or post title
  • Which keywords are used in the page
  • How many links are on the page or website
  • Whether or not the image or video is and renames it with the keyword
  • meta description or not
  • How is the quality of the content
  • When the page has been updated


Now the data of the website has been collected, but all the information that has been taken from the pages of the website, it has to be organized properly, it is processed in indexing.

Think of it as a book that has a lot of lessons, but if we want to see them all at once, the first page of the book has a page indexing all the lessons where there are a name and a page number.

In the same way, search engines of google also store the data of websites by storing information like title, keyword, meta, etc.


And the third and last step is Ranking means that if a user comes into Google’s search engine and asks a question or query, then the information that is kept by the search engine of the different website is indexed, the best answer among them. Is giving See it

Also, the words that have been used in that query are exactly similar to that – similar words are well in those indexed pages. After seeing all this, It shows the best page to the user on its search engine result page (SERP).

What are the Top Search Engine List for 2020

By the way, only maximum people use Google’s search engine to get information about anything. But other search engines are used, let’s also know about them –


Like I already told you that the search engine of Google is at the top, the maximum people of the world use it. About 5.8 billion searches occur on Google every day, around 70,000 people ask their queries on Google every second.

70% of people use the google search of the world, so there is no doubt that Google runs the rule of the internet, not only Google has the most information database but also the user’s data is also with Google.


Second, comes Microsoft’s Bing which is not much but yes gives a little competition to Google. 33% of people in the US use the Bing search engine. And by the way, its interface is also the same as Google.

However, Bing is known for some of its extra features on its search engine, such as if you search in some Bing, then you get a few points that you can use to get the jinx later.


Yahoo comes at number three, although the beginning – its trend was quite well, the way in which Google understood the user and modified or updated its search engine accordingly, Yahoo could not do it, due to which today it is at number three. Is

However, the interface of Yahoo’s search engine is also very good for the user and its results are also very effective and correct, so a lot of people like it too.


The fourth number comes in Baidu which came in 2000. It is a search engine in China and it is also quite popular. Although it is mainly used mostly in China, now it is used elsewhere in the world due to which its users are also increasing.


And comes in last at number five, Yandex which was established in 1997 and is one of the most used search engines in Russia.

However, 65% of Yandex is used in Russia and you can search for images, videos, and everything in it.


  • DuckDuckGo accounted for 0.47% of searches in January 2020, making it the sixth most used search engine at this time.
  • It does not have its search index like Google or Bing for example.
  • They generate their results through a bunch of sources. This means that they now have their data but use data from other sources to respond to their users’ investigations.
  • Its Advantages are that DuckDuckGo does not track or keep user data, it provides fast results, and has a clean user-friendly interface.
  • The Disadvantage is that the results are not individualized because of no data usage, and are quite limited in this sense.


  • The next in line at the moment is known as First Ask Jeeves.
  • Ask is done in a format question-and-answer, and the questions are answered by other users.
  • In January 2020, Ask accounted for 0.18% of searches, ranking seventh in the list of top search engines.
  • It was founded back in 1955 and it depends on the community to provide answers to the questions.
  • However, this process requires a lot of archive data and because of this, answers may not be as current as other search engines which is one of the biggest pitfalls.
  • To combat this, seeks help from an anonymous third-party search engine.


  • It is a South Korean search engine that was formed in 19 and the first portal in Korea to have its search engine.
  • It provides many services like email, news, online Q&A, etc.
  • As of September 2017, Naver accounted for more than 70% of all web searches in South Korea.
  • For this, Naver is known as “Google of South Korea”. Businesses interested in that part of the world should strongly consider using Naver for their investigation.
  • One of the biggest advantages of Naver on this market is that its algorithms are built around the Korean language thus it produces more relevant results than other search engines.
  • The disadvantage is that it cannot be compared to Google in crawling and indexing.


Echosia is a search engine based in Berlin, Germany that focuses on ecological issues such as deforestation. It donates 80% of its profits to non-profit organizations fighting deforestation. They consider themselves to be a social business that protects users’ privacy.
You can take a part of this sustainable movement and plant a tree, with about every 45 discoveries. The search engine keeps a score of how many trees you planted.

Search Encrypt

This search engine uses the most forward-looking security measures of any private search. They use the same type of encryption as the best-rated VPN and eCommerce websites, AES-256, military-grade encryption and secure socket layer (SSL), which is the standard online for financial transactions.

They receive information from their network of search partners and return the results to their users. After your search ends, all your search terms and history are deleted.

History of Search Engine

There was no Search Engine in the 90s! At that time there was only a collection of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) named after Search Engine! At that time, all the networks and servers were connected through the Internet, data was searched between them!

Because at that time WWW(World Wide Web) was the only way to connect to the Internet! And it was not so easy to find network files or web servers again! That’s why the Search Engine was invented.

Do you know?

Became the world’s first search engine to search content files and documents called ‘Archie‘! Which was started on 10 September 1990? It was started by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University, Montreal!

The search engine started in circulation only after this, and since then many Search Engines started appearing.

For example,

  • Search engines such as Infoseek, Galaxy, ALIWEB, WebCrawler, Lycos, and Yahoo were invented in 1994.
  • Subsequently, in the year 1995, with Excite and AltaVista, we came face to face!
  • The year 1996 saw Inktomi and BackRub!
  • And in 1998, Google, MSN Search, and Overture were invented!
  • Some of the world’s popular Search Engines such as ‘Archie‘ have since now launched many Search Engines!

The popularity of Search Engine:

But Google has emerged as the world’s most popular search engine with 91.25% of its worldwide users.

Let’s take a look at the popularity (%) of the world’s popular Search Engines:

Google: 95.25%
Bing: 3.08%
Yahoo: 2.13%
Baidu: 1.48%
YANDEX RU: 0.25%
DuckDuckGo: 0.25%

There are so many percent worldwide users!

Note: After Google, Bing is among the most popular Search Engines in the world at number two and Yahoo at number three.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is DuckDuckGo owned by Google?

A: No, it is owned by CEO and founder, Gabriel Weinberg. Any confusion can result from the fact that people trying to access alternative search engines sometimes type in the URL. That IP domain will take you to the landing page for On2 Corporation, which was acquired by Google in 2010. Google recently fixed this by providing a link to DuckDuckGo on its new landing page to redirect lost people.

Question: Can your Internet provider spy on you using a private search engine?

A: When they can see your IP address when you are using a private search engine, there is no spy on a private search engine. They collect information about the owner of your IP address, and this information can be sold to third-party marketers.

Even if you use a private search engine, your ISP can still determine which pages you visit most often, at what time or on the Internet, and when you log on When you go to a website, how much time do you spend on web pages. The only way to achieve complete anonymity is to use the Internet with a virtual private network (VPN).

Question: Am I safe using incognito mode only?

A: Incognito mode is a feature built into current versions of browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. This provides some protection, but not enough. They do not save your search and browsing history after logging in, and all cookies that you visit on a web page are deleted by you when you leave that page. However, your IP address is still visible, so you are not anonymous at all.

Question: Which is the best search engine for privacy?

A: “Best is a subjective word. All the search engines listed above allow you to search anonymously. We have exceeded the features and functionality of the top search engines available on the market, and have included it in the top eight according to our criteria. It really depends on what specific features you are carrying in addition to personal searches, and we have done our best to provide a comprehensive display.

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