Local SEO and SEO for Near Me Searches 2020

Do you also want Local Traffic to find your business? So for this, you have to understand Local SEO. What is Local SEO? And why is it important? Here in this post, we will tell you about the Local SEO Guide and SEO for near me searches in 2020.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective way of the marketing search engine in which NAP i.e. Name, Address, and Phone Number is used to reach local customers. If you understand it more easily, then it has two main parts.


Listing online business detail is called citation and it is also known as Local citation. Through this, you can list the address, name, phone number, email, web URL, services, product, business, shop, store, school, station, or any physical store on the online map.


It comes under SEO. There can be many people who have done similar businesses in any city or town who have submitted online local business details. In such a situation, if a customer searches, then which business will be seen first and why? It all depends on your local SEO.

Local SEO
Local SEO

Lets understand with Example:

In one area there are two coffee shops A and B, who have put their address on Google Maps. In such a situation, if a customer searches on the Internet, ‘Coffee shop‘, or ‘Coffee shop near me‘. Then the search will first be the local contact show of the same, whose business listing will be optimized.

In local search, all those words are included or all the keywords that the local people search like

  • Hospitals Near Me
  • Schools Near Me
  • Colleges in (City Name)
  • Restaurant Near Me (City Name)

Basic local SEO is a strategic process that emphasizes or focuses on efforts favorable to the local business. Content, on-page optimization and link building, are all part of a local SEO.

However, the focus changes when it comes to localizing link acquisition. Focus changes are consistent and correct to ensure all possible local signals in Google’s local search landscape.

It must be coming in your mind that what are the factors of Local SEO, due to which the detail of your business can come to the top.

Do not worry! We will also talk about this in detail.

Local SEO Success Factors 2020:

There are some factors of search engine optimization that for any type of SEO tactics, their importance remains the same. Such as keywords and content.

Both of these are important for all types of SEO and before performing any SEO activity one should have knowledge of at least 3 SEO factors and how to use them.

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Backlinks

Why is Local SEO Important?

Here are some tips that will define how important local is to a business –

  • According to a survey, 50% of the people who do local search visit the store physically within 1 day.
  • 34% of people who do this search on their computer or tablet also do the same.
  • 18% of people who do this from mobile buy that product in 1 day.
  • 40% of Indians do a local search to get information about a product.
  • 80% of local search has reduced offline purchases.
  • About 81% of people do a local search of their location before visiting a store when they visit for the first time.
  • 1 out of 3 searches in a smartphone is done before going to a special store.

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Who benefits from local SEO and how?

Local SEO will boost the Local traffic:

Local SEO

Layers and Law Firms

  • If you have not done local SEO for lawyers, then see this – the biggest advantage of local SEO for them is that Google gives the option of a direct call button in mobile in search results.
  • In such a situation, when a customer thinks about a lawyer in his smartphone, he gets results according to his location.
  • If you have done the local SEO right then Google search will put your product on the top of the search results, when the customer searches, then it will be visible in the result.
  • The biggest advantage of this is that people often think of lawyers in search, who consult them for free. So when he searches about you, he can call you directly with the call button.
  • This is a method that tries to get you in front of the consumers who need a lawyer.

Doctor and Medical Practices

  • If someone searches on Google about a doctor, then from our experiences, he searches for a word like Doctor near me or searches for a doctor in my city.
  • Most people do not want to go a long way. So he searches for his nearest doctors who can provide him regular medical care.
  • You can understand this from the screenshot given below that when we search about a local doctor, what is the result –
  • This search result at the top shows the doctor’s name, his address and a Direction link appear on the map as well.
  • When it comes to the doctor, people call directly for an appointment. And from local search, they get to know the time table of the doctor’s office.


  • Local SEO benefits most plumber businesses.
  • Think of it as such that when one needs a plumber immediately, he does not go directly to the store. He searches Google for a nearby plumber.
  • Google gives us information about the nearest plumber such as the name of the plumber, details about it, location, etc.


  • This business takes the most advantage of local Jio. Because 80% of people in a city search for nearby restaurants before going to a hotel.
  • These results lead a customer to a good restaurant in a short time, which he needs.
  • In addition, Local SEO gives the customer brief information about that restaurant. Like how that restaurant serves at that location and how its food system is.

An important part of Local SEO: –

  • When it comes to local SEO, it is no different from organic SEO. Content, keyword research, on-page optimization are all important parts that focus on it.
  • These elements need to be right for your website or industry so that SERPs can help you avoid competition.
  • While optimizing for local search, however, they have a local focus that works for local search. Like the name of a city etc.

Keyword Research

While there is not much difference in keyword research for local SEO, just a few aspects are added separately.

One data shows that people use smartphones, Amazon Echo, Google Home. This device gives voice recognition and results based on your location.

Because instead of searching by typing it is much easier to search by saying “Find a doctor for me”. And this device shows your local result in your result by Recognizing it.

If your industry is service-free, then you should try keywords that contain questions. SEMrush, Keyword.io is a tool that provides you with questions about which people often search on Google.

This is the correct way to indicate the search terms people search for.

If your business is related to local Brick and Mortar such as restaurants or lawyers, then you should adopt such keyword conversion. You will find many changes in search results.

The local citation which is known as the local business listing. Its core factors are NAP i.e. Name, Address, and Phone. But there is not enough detail to know about a business. Along with their three attributes, much more important information about the business will have to be submitted.

Local Citation Attributes:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address (Full)
  • Payment forms accepted
  • Business categories
  • Hours of operation
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business description
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Owner responses
  • Taglines
  • Links to social and other forms of media
  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers
  • Alternate phone numbers

All these important information that business has to submit at the time of local citation makes it easy to optimize the business locally and according to Moz all these attributes are very important for Local SEO.

This is the basic information, it will only help you in listing the online business and if you have never updated the map listing of any business before. So you should use these useful links.

Success Local SEO Tactics:

Google search engine is the most popular in the whole world and more than 90% of users use it. In this case, Google local listings are also the most famous and most local searches are done through this.

  • I have explained the point of Local SEO best practice, you can get information about each of the main techniques.
  • If you are a business website, then update information about the business, us, product, services, and address on it.
  • Submit business about us to other websites as well.
  • Local business listing content should be in detail.
  • Also update the physical location image, business hour image, and product, services image in the listing.
  • Upload a video about Business.
  • Respond to the Customer Review and update the local listing as a positive feedback review from the customer.
  • Improve the rating and for this, resort to local SEO services and request a 4 to the 5-star rating from your customers.
  • Pay attention to social media, update followers, and customers review on networks like Facebook, Linkedin.
  • Update different local listing site’s business details.

These are all the best optimization techniques of 2020 Google Local SEO. If you use it, then you can update your business locally. This gives a lot of benefits in local business leads generation and your business can grow very fast. If you are a business then you must use it.

9 Steps to Rank for Google “Near Me” Searches

  • Update Google Local Business Page Listing.
  • Make Customer Feedback Visible with Reviews.
  • Display Business’ Name, Address & Phone Number.
  • Check For Information Consistency.
  • Use Schema to Feature Events in SERPs.
  • Optimize Photos for Location-Based Searches.
  • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.
  • Acquire Backlinks with Geographic Anchor Text.
  • Create Different Web Pages for Each Business Location.

Local SEO

Google started a special kind of service for people looking for jobs in 2018. For which the customers have launched the ‘Jobs near me’ feature to make the job search easy for the customers in India.

Under this, job seekers will be helped to apply for jobs on different portals. Let me tell you, it will be easy to find jobs in ‘Jobs near me’. In this, popular job websites and companies have been listed. In which information about jobs will also be found. If you also want to get a job as soon as possible, then how can you apply first.

Apply like this

  • First, you have to search for Jobs near me on Google search.
  • After which a new dashboard of Google will open in front of the users, where the list of jobs will be seen.
  • You can click and apply after getting your desired job.
  • When you click for a job vacancy, you will see many options. Here job profile, qualification, and website information will be found.
  • On applying, the website of the company that will have posted the job will open.
  • Let me tell you, there is also a ‘Jobs near me’ smart filter which will refine the search and alert feature and will also give notifications from time to time.

At the same time, you can set preferences while searching for jobs, such as part-time or full time. You can find the right job for you by entering the location, job title, and experience.

In this new service of Google, anyone can find a job related to their field very easily. In the search option, by entering the word related to your area, the list of all the jobs related to it will come in front of the user. Apart from this, once the user has given his information, the user will continue to get the job updates related to his field.

Search Public Toilets on Google Maps, Sarvajanik Shauchalaya:

Now by searching on Google Maps, you can find the information on your nearest public toilet i.e. public toilet. Google has released a new feature. Under this, information on more than 57,000 public toilets in 2300 cities and towns across the country has been put on Google map.

Now you can get information about public toilets in your area through ‘Public Toilet Near Me’ on Google.

For this campaign, the company together with the Ministry of Housing and Urban gathered information about public toilets across India. Together, the product and engineering have put the list of toilets on Google map.

To get information about the public toilets near you, users have to search ‘Public Toilet Near Me’ (public toilet near me) through Google search, Google map, or Google Assistant. Will give information about public toilets close to the area.


In today’s time, anything is needed, people resort to doctor Google. Google wants some stuff, isn’t it? To find the nearest doctor, Google is there. By which way will you reach your destination quickly, it is Google to know.

Even if you want to buy medicine, we ask Google’s address from the medical store to the vegetable and milk shop. Therefore, in today’s date, near me, search engine optimization(SEO) is very important in 2020 and it plays a very important role if we are doing local SEO.

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