High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO

Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO. Hello friends, today we are going to talk about social bookmarking sites. We will tell you what it is and why social bookmarking is important.

So stay connected with us till the end because today’s topic is going to be very important and quite long. Also, we will give you a list of 1800+ high PR, Do follow social bookmarking sites for SEO.

High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

I welcome you to our post of Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites. Here I have added the best bookmarking sites for me. If you are a blogger then this list is very useful for you. Because you are going to get do-follow back links from all these Social Bookmarking websites.

Social bookmarking sites and social media sites work?

As we all know that social networking sites are being used by everyone on today’s date and we can send information easily anywhere and anytime. Due to social networking sites business feels are progressing today. Today any product can be sold easily through a social networking site.

We can create groups together and make meetings and finalize deals. people can save a lot of time and money as well.

Due to social networking sites, companies got done online even in Lock down. Digital marketing is the secret behind all this. Because bloggers and website.

Makers use social media networking sites to increase DA, PA, and traffic on their blogs and websites or create back links.

Two types of sites are used to increase traffic and back links, first is social media, and second is social bookmarking sites. It both works to create community and share content, but still, there is a slight difference between these two which we are going to tell you in this article.

What is social media?

Social network sites are beneficial for everyone, people are using social networking sites today to promote their small to big business and people are also benefiting from this in their business.

This is the best platform to make any photo or video go viral quickly. The place Social Media has discovered the hidden skills of many people, through this you can not only bring your things to the world, but Social Media brings all the events happening in the world to you.

You too will definitely connect with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and why not, today everyone is covered on social media, we may forget to do our important work throughout the day but cannot forget to use social media.

So friends, this is the definition of social media which you must have understood well.

After knowing what is social media, we now know how important social media is in our lives.

Advantages of social media?

Without Social Media, it is hardly possible to imagine life. It is impacting every person’s life today.

It connects people and the organization, which is called “Social Network”, in this network all are connected with each other.

Social media is very important today in the field of education. Through this, Teachers and Students can join. Teachers also give their lectures on social media so that students can also get education online with the help of Students Internet.

The utility of Social Media in society is increasing. Every person of the society can join social media today and bring the evils and events happening in the society to the world. Which can make it easier to punish the guilty.

However, Now it has also become a good way to earn money. News of Social Media keeps coming on mobile phones every day. Today, a lot of people are going on social media, who keep uploading their videos and photos, which the number of followers who watch is also in millions.

Social media also has a great impact on politics. Every other day, it is heard in the news that the social media report revealed that today a small speech by any big leader has been made in front of the public by political parties, it becomes the latest news on social media.

That is, social media has a reputation everywhere, which is reaching out to the common people from the life of the common people.

What is social bookmarking in SEO?

Bookmarking sites were launched in 1996. It is an online service. Since, Its function allows users to add, edit, and share bookmarks of user documents, at that time, people did not know much about social bookmarking sites. After that, as soon as people came to know about it, people used it to create relevant links, bring traffic to their website or blog, and create new customers.

What is social bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking is a part of off page search engine optimization. In order to create quality back links and generate traffic, it is important for an SEO man to carry out social bookmarking activities for a website to get the most juice from the search engine’s organic search results.

However, For social bookmarking, it is very important that you choose the right social bookmarking websites for your website or blog. We are going to list some top-do social bookmarking websites.

If you want to bring your website to the first page of Google, then you will have to do search engine optimization on your site, along with that you will have to add or share the link of your website to the social media network site, this will make blog or website search engine popular. And you will also get a quality back link and you also get quality traffic

Social media bookmarking also gives your website blog an identity on Google
With social bookmarking we can also get referral traffic to our site.

You can share links by creating an account on Social Bookmarking Sites and also interact with other members. Hence it is called Social Bookmarking Site.

In these sites, you can also follow the other members and see their links. You can also comment and vote on their link.

There is also the option of searching these sites. You can also search for links through search. You have to enter a tag or keyword and you will get all the links related to it, you can also connect these sites to your Social Media Account.

However, There are a lot of social bookmarking sites and everyone can add a link to their website and they will get a very good back link and traffic. So, We provide you Top 1800+ High PR Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO which is given below :

High PR Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

Advantages of social bookmarking sites

To rank your website in Google and other search engines, we need back links therefore, these social bookmarking sites help you to create do-follow back links. If people liked your article, Then you can get free traffic from these sites on your website.

  • You can increase the domain rights of any website with its help.
  • You can also increase the page authority of any website.
  • Do follow links are available for your website, so if the link juice is passed on your website then overall SEO increases.
  • Referral traffic to your website also increases, which will also spread your brand name.
  • Your website’s ranking in organic search results will also increase. Which will greatly benefit your website or blog?

The purpose of using Social Bookmarking Sites is to organize all the links and keep them in one place. From which we can access the link easily and quickly if needed, we can also make links private or public. When we are private, only we can see the links.

Note: In Social Media Marketing we use Social Bookmarking Sites to promote the website in online communities.

  • Sharing links in social bookmarking sites gives many benefits.
  • Features in social bookmarking sites are similar to other social media sites.
  • We can make friends, comment on their links, and also message them.
  • Also, We can increase influence with the help of these sites.
  • And it can be very beneficial for our business.

However, We should also optimize the account of the social bookmarking site as we optimize the social network site. We should add a profile image, add a description so that people can know about our business.

With the help of social bookmarking sites, we can get a lot of traffic and can also increase the ranking of our website in google search engine.

However, Social bookmarking sites have many users and we can bring them to our website by sharing the link of our website. By tagging in these sites and using the option of keywords, we can show the target user links to our website. If they take interest in our content, then our potential customers can also become.

On social bookmarking sites we can organize links to many websites.
By entering a user tag and keyword on a social bookmarking site, you can see the links related to it. He also gets a lot of new content easily. Therefore, social bookmarking sites have many users.

Here are some facts that why social bookmarking is the best?

  • You will get relevant traffic to make your blog post viral.
  • Due to the huge traffic, you can improve the page and domain authority of your website or blog.
  • The more interested visitors to your website, the lower the bounce rate.
  • You can also share your blog post on a lot of social media sites that means you get a full platform to create a socially active profile.
  • Social bookmarking gives your website quality links which also increases the domain authority of your website or blog.

How to do social bookmarking for websites?

First of all, you have to go to the site on which we have to post the article on our website. After that we have to create our account. When creating an account, we have to submit Gmail, username and password. After that we have to verify our account.

However, After verify, you will get the option to submit Submit Post, URL Submit, and Article Submit.
Here, you can submit your website through URL.
To submit an article, you must enter the URL, title, description, and also, tag.
You have to be careful. The title, description, and tag easily describe your post in small steps.

Interact with bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites are directly based on advertising and spam, so businesses are advised not to create threads (spam is actually one of the few thread types that are usually removed). If intermediaries in a community believe that the thread of a business is simply advertising, then without a sincere effort to provide informative or entertaining content, a negative reaction may occur.

However, If the context of your business occurs organically on these sites, encourage discussion by joining the group and interacting directly with users. Promote a positive online reputation, and users are more likely to search for you in other online outlets.

Social Bookmarking Sites – Free or Paid?

Most social bookmarking sites are free, but some sites also have paid membership and Premium features are available in Paid membership.
We can also take advantage of these sites by creating a free account and we can share links and bring traffic to our site.

If you want more features, you can take paid membership, but most internet marketers do not need it. They promote the website from a free account only.


However, By creating a back link, you can easily increase the ranking and domain authority of your website and also redirect traffic to your website. Also What Is Social Bookmarking In SEO? Also got information about, and the list of social bookmarking sites for 1800+ high PR SEO given by us will help you a lot. Hope you like this post, then do it like and share, if you have any suggestions, then let us know in the comment.

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