Competitor Backlink Analysis –Building Backlinks Easy Way

Competitor Backlink Analysis – Building Backlinks Easy Way

Today we will talk about competitor backlink Analysis. What are competitor backlinks? How to analyze your competitor backlinks and why it is necessary to do this? What is the benefit of doing this, how to analyze your competitor’s backlinks and make your website link there? We will tell you all these things one by one, keep stay with us till the end. And know more about the competitor analysis with us.

We all know that creating backlinks is very important for search engine optimization. If you created a website or blog with good content for your business. Then, it is very important that you create backlinks for your website at good domain authority websites. This will be good planning, which will give you benefits. It gives you traffic at your website or your blog as well as you can easily increase the domain authority of your website with a good rank in the SERP.

Competitor Backlink Analysis
Competitor Backlink Analysis

If Google gets many backlinks of your website with quality, so your website ranking will increase on the SERP. Which will increase the brand awareness of your blog, people will know you. There are many ways to make backlinks, you can easily make quality backlinks using them.

There are many ways to create backlinks, you can create quality backlinks for your website using those methods. But there are some techniques which are more effective than other techniques of link building. Which also gives you good results.

However, Competitor analysis is a simple way to find our competitor backlinks. And You get to know how your competitor created their best backlinks and you repeat each one. Allow your competitors to work hard and then you can create your own links against them.

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What is competitor Backlink analysis?

Online competitor Backlink analysis is used to show how well a competitor’s website is working. But there are different ways to check the quality and success of the website. Keyword analysis examines the keywords that a competitor website is using and for which it is ranking. To rank in a search engine, a website must have a backlink. And performing an online competitor analysis for the backlink will check the number, source, and quality of the link. Content online is very common – most websites use content to attract readers – and this analysis allows the user to read. And then judge a competitor’s blog posts, articles, and sales messages. Optimizing a website for search engines is quite simple but, if a competitor is not fully optimized. Structural analysis will give the user an advantage.

Analyzing competitors’ websites is an important part of SEO research and analysis. By analyzing other websites, you will find new ways to improve your web marketing strategies.

Competitor Backlink Analysis

There are many competitor-analysis tools with the help of which search friendliness of a website. And that can be compared to the search friendliness of its competitor’s website. These tools are based on many types of SEO metrics and can be used easily. For example, there are some tools in which you have to enter the URL and keyword of your and your competitor’s website. The tool will tell you how far ahead or behind your competitor by taking this keyword.

Some special methods of Competitor website & Backlink analysis

Find or list your SEO competitors

Usually, the websites that fall in your work area or rank well for your keyword are your competitors. Another way to find your competitors is to search your keyword in Google and see which websites are coming up on the search results page.

See ‘competitors’ websites

After preparing the list of your competitors, visit their websites. You will get to know many things of your competitors’ websites such as quality of content, main keywords, type of website (dynamic or static), etc. This will give you an idea of ​​how much hard work you need to get ahead of your competitors.

Check ‘contestants’ backlinks

In this method, you have to check the backlinks of your competitors. You have to know their number of backlinks, their source, and anchor text, etc. If you get links to some good websites, then you can get backlinks for yourself by contacting their webmaster. Examples of some popular tools to detect backlinks are Backlink Anchor Text Analysis and Backlink Summary.

Analyze the presence of competitors on social media

Social media is highly used to increase traffic on the website. So visit some special and popular social bookmarking sites and analyze the quality and popularity of your competitors’ posts. Look at certain websites like twitter and Facebook, see if your contestants are active or not.

Backlink Management Tools

We will tell you about several tools to help you implement a successful backlink strategy. This will let you know how important backlinks are. The most useful ones keep track of the web of backlinks across the Internet. And help you with your links and exams and activities.

Don’t get dazzled by just the “magic” tool that promises to automatically generate backlinks to your site; Always remember that link building is not an easy task, and it cannot be performed well by any automated tool. Beware of link building promises that employ black hat methods and can harm your SEO.

We will tell you about such tools that will give you a lot of information about backlinks. You can use those tools to get the best results.


Ahrefs has one of the largest backlink indexes in the entire world.


In addition to managing backlinks, Ahrefs are designed to perform most of SEO Pro’s activities on a daily basis, although it is much easier for non-professionals to use. But especially in the backlink field, Ahrefs provides a lot of tools to conduct backlink research.

Ahrefs offers a free version that lets you monitor ten backlinks and two domains per request. If you are willing to pay $ 82 per month, you will get a comprehensive analysis of your backlink profile, including image backlinks, dofollow / nofollow, anchor text, etc. This type of information can prove invaluable in case you get fined by Google. Because it gives you statistics about the Anchor Text ratio on your site.

The information given by Ahrefs not only helps you with your link-building activities. It also shows lost backlinks and new backlinks on your site. Allowing you to thank the webmaster or return the favor with reciprocal links. For lost links, you will be informed of the cause of the loss, so you do not need to guess why this happened. The Ahrefs dashboard also shows suspicious links that you can delete to avoid penalties.


Moz Pro is a complete suite of professional SEO tools, with Moz Link Explorer being one of the main utilities. Reverse engineering on the backlinks of your rivals is particularly useful. To see its magic at work, all you have to do is enter a competitor domain or a specific URL, and Moz will show you all its backlinks.

However, For each backlink, you can see some metrics, such as the domain authority index, the number of linking domains, the spam score, and the list of top links.

Its pricing plans range from $ 99 to $ 599 per month, depending on how many features and “supporters” you want in your Intel activities.

One of the distinguishing features of Link Explorer is anchor text analysis, which shows the most common anchor text in a website’s backlink profile. Many people will ask what is the use of this feature, and the answer is that it helps to detect black hat linking techniques: if a very accurate match is the anchor text, it can be a sign of fraudulent strategy.

Although Moz’s database is not as large as that of Ahrefs, its membership fee includes many other tools besides Link Explorer, which may be worth paying.

Majestic Backlink Analyst

Majestic SEO offers this tool in the form of a Chrome app, which brings backlink analysis directly to your browser. This is a quick way to verify the strength of any page according to its backlink information. The trust flow and citation flow scores appear immediately on the URL of any page you visit, as well as brief information about the URL and domain linking to the page.

Although you can subscribe for a fee to get all the features, the Chrome app offers some bit of data for free, including link profile charts and link count at URLs, subdomains, and root levels. Customers get more information about the link, which includes a list of the ten strongest backlinks and the ten strongest anchor text. They can dig deep into link analysis by accessing the tool directly from the app.

SEO Spyglass

A new contender recently entered the SEO field, and pack leaders should focus on this.

SEO Spyglass is part of SEO PowerSuite, a set of tools awarded with lots of positive reviews. Unlike most SEO tools, this is an application that you install on your computer, whether it is a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine.

However, You can use its basic functionality for free for as long as you like, or you can pay $ 299 per year for a professional license, which provides unlimited backlink monitoring, task scheduling, and basic reporting functions or Enterprise License offers such gifts as $ 699 per year, highlighting all the functionality of PowerSuite.

SEO Spyglass reportedly has the largest link database of all known tools. You can also add your own links by importing directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The tool identifies potentially harmful links to avoid being penalized by Penguin 4.0 (the most recent version of Google’s search engine). It calculates the risks involved in a penalty, taking into account similar factors used by Google. If it finds a threat, you can neutralize it with a few clicks, using the Spyglass-exclusive disco file generator – you won’t have to worry about fixing it yourself.

Some Spyglass users say that the tool only allowed them to mimic their organic traffic by following their SEO advice. They even say that the return on investment (ROI) of Enterprise Edition was less than a month, so if you are serious about your SEO strategy, you want to give it a try.


SEMrush is a tool that finds the Backlink and Analysis Tool That seeks a powerful support, backlink and analytics tool to obtain functional data about backlinks from any domain. With its vast database of 26,5 trillion backlinks, Semrush is showing lots of new charts & lost backlinks, authority rank of all referrals, development of backlink production processes, and more.


You can use the backlink audit tool to integrate your search console data as well as to avoid being penalized by penguins. You can also search and remove toxic backlinks and send them to Google’s Discovery tool while keeping your backlink profile clean for automatic and periodic tracking.

In addition to backlink analysis, Semrush offers a complete set of SEO tools that you can use for an unlimited amount of time for free, but with limited functionality. This includes keyword research, demonetization analysis, traffic analysis, SERP position tracking, CPC mapping, and more.

Night watch

Night watch uses its own crawler, combined with many external tracking sources, that provide accurate and up-to-date information on all backlinks that may affect your ranking.

Visualization tools provide segmentation by any type of parameters to help understand the effect of each type of backlink. A backlink portfolio summarizes different segments, which are acquired at different times. You can know their diversity by quality, domain, follow / no-follow features and spam status.

Nightwatch gives you an automated check of living and dead links, to show which links on your website are adding value and which are reducing the value.


A large database – bigger than Elon Musk’s ambitions, because it has its own website – on which the foundation is LinkMiner.

By simply typing in your competitor’s domain name, it can identify its most powerful backlinks, evaluate them, such as well-known names such as citation flows, trust-flows, and others. A simple visualization panel avoids the common problem of excessive browser tabs: with just one click, you get a preview of each referenced website highlighting anchor placement.

LinkMiner gives you the option to search backlinks from all of its 9-trillion-backlinks databases, or search only the latest data to limit the search to only 30-day-old links. The “Lost” option helps you find deleted backlinks and have the opportunity to replace your rivals. To keep your focus on that link, Linkedin offers you to save the best search in a list. You can save the most relevant backlinks and withdraw them whenever you want.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a backlink checker tool. It helps to analyze Google Webmaster Tools data to check incoming links to your website or your competitors.

This tool generates a detailed link analysis that shows follow / nofollow attributes, index / no index, cached / not cached, domain authority, anchor text, social popularity, Alexa rank, and more. This allows you to remove links and generate files to submit directly to Google.

The SE ranking offers three basic plans: Optimum ($ 39 / month), Plus ($ 89 / month), and Enterprise ($ 189 / month). They differ in the number of websites checked and the number of backlinks monitored. You can get a discount by reducing the membership or check frequency for several months: 20% for every three days check, and 40% when corrected with a weekly check; Otherwise, the test work is done daily.


I hope now you know all about Competitor Backlink Analysis. If you are on a working budget, you can use these best backlinks checkers. You can use LinkMiner and Ubersuggest for a price, and OpenLinkProfiler is completely free.

We hope that this post helped you to know about the best backlinks checker tool. If you want to create backlinks for your websites then you can fall on our Link Building Techniques you should try in the 2020 post and you can increase your blog traffic.

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