Google ADS and Retargeting Services In Houston

We Shoutrank, Focuses On The Metrices That Matter

The metrics that matter are the metrics Shoutrank use to manage Google Ads and Retargeting Services In Houston. Our approach is unique to your business. To develop a bespoke PPC solution, Shoutrank will work closely with you to determine your business goals and objectives. A data-centric management service tailored to your business can help you increase eCommerce sales or acquire new customers. We utilize the most effective approach based on your business and industry, irrespective of the platform or channel.

A successful pay-per-click campaign requires a strategic approach, comprehensive research, analysis, technical expertise, and the capability to reach the desired ROI and margins.The success of your business is our sole metric of success as our Google Ads agency, and PPC specialists in Melbourne treat every dollar we spend for you as if it were our own.

Google ADS and Retargeting Services In Houston
Google ADS and Retargeting Services In Houston

How Google Ads and Retargeting Services In Houston Works

Paid-per-click (PPC) advertising is the basis of Google Ads. Marketers bid on a specific keyword on Google and compete with others who target the same keyword.”Maximum bids” are the most expensive ads you’re prepared to buy.

You would get the ad placement, for example, if your maximum bid was $4 and google determined your cost per click was $2. It doesn’t allow you to place an ad if it costs more than $4. If you would like to set a budget, you can do so. It helps you determine how much you should budget for your digital marketing campaigns. Since you’ll never spend more than a certain amount per day for that ad.

Bids are divided into three groups:

  1. Cost-per-click (CPC). When a user clicks on your advertisement, you pay a certain amount.
  2. Cost-per-mille (CPM). The amount you pay for 1000 ad impressions.
  3. Cost-per-engagement (CPE). If someone clicks on your ad and takes a specific action (signing up for a list, watching a video, etc.).

What All Tyes Of Google Ads And Retargeting Options Shoutrank Provides You

  • Marketers can display ads on the Display Network to past visitors in the standard remarketing feature of Google Ads.
  • Dynamic remarketing – Remarketing ads are shown to past visitors of your site based on products or services that they have previously viewed.
  • Remarketing for mobile apps – Google Ads will display ads to a person who has used your mobile app or mobile website when they use other mobile apps or websites.
  • RLSA – Remarketing lists for search ads is a Google Ads feature. Remarketing lists allow you to target past search network visitors. If these past visitors search on Google and its partner sites, you can target and customize search ads based on what they searched for previously.
  • Using Google Ads’ Video Remarketing, you can serve ads to people who have followed your YouTube channel or viewed other videos. Users can serve videos on YouTube and ads on websites and videos via the Display Network.
  • Remarketing via email list – Also known as Customer Match, you can upload lists of emails from your customers to Google Ads. Users logged in to Google Search, Gmail, or YouTube will be able to see ads if they have this feature enabled.

This process can be done by targeting URLs. A remarketing list could be compiled using the URL of the page people go to after signing up to get more information or viewing a special offer.

How Shoutrank Provides Google ADS and Retargeting Services In Houston

Using Google Ads, you can retarget website visitors like never before.You can go beyond basic website retargeting (showing your ad to all visitors to your website) by taking it a step further.You can narrow your search by targeting a specific date range, list size, URL visit, and other options.

We need to make sure your tags are properly installed before moving forward. All right? Let’s begin.

Strategy #1:

Using Google ADS and Retargeting Services In Houston for visitors over a specific period

Say you ran a promotion to celebrate the holiday and want to re-engage with the people who visited that page during the promotion’s run.

Strategy #2:

Google Ad Retargeting campaign based on visitors within a stage of your sales funnel

You noticed that most customers contacted you from a pricing or features page.It indicates that visitors are at the bottom of your funnel when they reach those pages.Make a retargeting list of users who have just visited a specific page to find out how close they were to converting (but didn’t).

Strategy #3:

Google Ad Retargeting campaign based on blog visit

Traffic from inbound, organic sources.Rather than making them feel like you are selling to them, you should add them to your top-of-the-funnel retargeting list.

Strategy #4:

Google Ad Retargeting campaign, which excludes people who have visited a certain page

There is nothing more powerful than retargeting to target people who visited your checkout page (for example) but did not visit your thank-you page. The group was 95% of the way to the destination when they bailed at the last minute. We need to retarget these people since they are hot.

Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ads Only Search Adverts?

Not at all. A major feature of Google Ads is its ability to carry out advertising campaigns in some places and media types, such as search ads (the most commonly referred to), display ads (banners you see on websites), remarketing campaigns to different visitors of your website, YouTube ads (banners, video), and Gmail campaigns.

Additionally, there are a variety of ad formats, including static banners, animated banners, videos, and lightboxes.

What’s Involved In Setting Up A Google Ads And Retargeting Campaign In Houston?

A well-run Ads campaign is quite complex and requires a good understanding of the platform. There is more to it. Here are some details.

  • Knowing your advertising objectives
  • and the profitability of your products
  • allows you to choose the best type of campaign.
  • Creating proper campaign structures to reduce costs
  • As a result of your campaign ideas, Users may create several Ads campaigns to maximize the effectiveness
  • by adding a variety of ‘ad extensions’
  • Copywriting for multiple ads
  • (A successful ‘simple’ campaign can have 100’s ad variations if done right)
  • If you are using display, create or provide input to several different banner ads
  • when setting up conversion tracking
  • campaigns (Users can do this quickly, but it can also take long).
  • Add conversion tracking to your website (this can also take along).
  • And lots more.

You will have to put in a lot of time, but in the end, your money will go further, and you will get a better return. A well-structured campaign can help you save a lot of money.

Why Does A Campaign Need to be Managed & Optimised Each Month?

For your campaigns to work well over time and allow you to expand them, they need to be managed and optimized regularly.

Agencies must create ad groups and keywords, ads must be paused that are not performing, agencies must create new campaigns, the budget must be adequate, and Users must decide where to increase the budget. Ads must not be displayed for irrelevant keywords, etc.

Advertisements don’t stay static. Every time an ad is displayed, millions of calculations are performed. By optimizing these calculations, your campaigns will grow and improve over time. Your results could vary from week to week or month to month even if nothing were changed, and other advertisers started new campaigns.

Why Do I Need An Agency To Manage My Google ADS and Retargeting Services In Houston?

There are some great employees at Google, but you will probably not get the same person when you call the main helpline. If you do, you will not be able to get more detailed help, such as tracking return on investment and setting up goals in Analytics to measure return on investment.

Fully Charged Media was able to run the campaign with Google’s help, which caused the cost per click to be reduced by 50%. Even though great people are at the other end of the line and don’t want to sabotage your account, you will never get the same level of expertise and input that a good agency would offer.